Sasur-amen, scholar in exile

220px-SetTo whomever might read this, I write it and hope that one day I will be able to send it past the ghost wall.  I am Sasur-amen, Chronicler and Archivist at Apepthys, now the only one of my fallen Order.

Now let me tell you what is happening! A tale of wonderment unfolding before my own living eyes.  I, Sasur-amen, saw how happy the slaves were to prostrate themselves before the divine Pharaoh of Apepthys.  And as I live now in exile among my brothers and sisters of the Stygian nobility, the true worshipers of the Great Serpent of the Waters, I have witnessed and smelt the divine order of his reign.

And so now I, Sasur-amen hold the whip to drive these faithful slaves to construct the Library of Sobek as the foundation of Pharaoh’s glory at Apepthys.

Within the Library the many cultures and nations are invited to behold the marvel that is Stygian culture!  And also to read scrolls and books, bathe, and or be comforted by one of those devoted to our mother Derketo. These things and many more luxuries will the Pharoah of Apepthys stoop to bless upon not only his subjects but upon the whole of the exiled lands!

Thereby Pharoah shows his divine wisdom and merciful kindness!

So says I, Sasur-amen, Archivist at Apepthys

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