The Fortification of Pan

Pan found himself motivated.

His love for Natsuki moved him and caused him joy and torment.

Joy because he loved her and she loved him.  And torment because Natsuki was stubborn and Pan knew that she would face Roble again! …and the next time it might be his butterfly who was taken… “I will die before I let that happen,” thought Pan.

And so Pan was motivated to practice his archery with renewed vigor, and with renewed enthusiasm.  He was determined that he would face Roble if he had to: “I will be brave!  I will be strong!” he thought to himself as he fired arrow after arrow in smooth successive shots.

“I am afraid, but I am brave!” he said out loud.

Then with sweat dripping down his face, he kept firing his arrows and filled up the center of his straw target, some 100 yards in front of him.  The arrows split and cracked in time as they pilled up in the center of the target…

…And then hours turned into days and days into months…

Motivation caused Pan to grow stronger, and wiser, and braver–   And all for love. 


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