The Death of Ish-mael the Wise

220px-SetThese are the tales of Ishmael the Wise, former citizen, scholar, priest and soldier of Khemi.  His exploits were many and his downfall tragic.

I, Sasur-amen, chronicle the many exploits of those bound to The Great Serpent through devotion to the Sacred Crocodile of Set Militant.  Read and hear my words and know this tale of wonder.

Now the Library was nearing completion when Ish-mael of Khemi began to frown and say, “How can Father Set be glorified at The Oasis of Nekhet when the Priestess Safiya has been away so long? Our order will move the Sanctum so that all will know the power of Sobek, the Rager of Set”.

And when I, Sasur-amen, saw that Ishmael was full of consternation I replied, “My lord Ish-mael the Wise, perhaps we should tarry longer and wait, there is still much to be done and the slaves are happy to toil for the glory of Set!  Let this be His glory for now!”

But alas, Ishmael, being full of militant fury for Father Set, did order the engineer to construct a trebuchet, and thus did threaten the Setite Priestess in her domain.

Now the Priestess Safiya got word that the Order of the Sacred Crodocile was building beside her temple and that their leader, Ishmael of Khemi, was demanding the Sanctum be moved so that “Father Set could be properly glorified.”

And Safiya, being enraged by these words, and that she was away seeking counsel from her mentor, left the East at once and returned to her home.

What she had in mind for Ishmael, she held to herself in the council of her own dark heart.

But after arriving in her chamber, she took quill and parchment and then wrote a letter addressed to Ishmael.

This is what she wrote: “Dear Ishmael of Khemi, leader of the Order of the Sacred Crocodile of Set Militant, I am Safiya, High Priestess at Nekhet, let us share a meal and put aside our differences.”

Once he had received the letter and read it, Ishmael, called the wise, wrote his own letter and sent it to Nekhet in the hands of a slave.

“Dearest High Priestess Safiya, chosen of Father Set, I am happy to join you for dinner this evening.  It will be lovely to make the acquaintance of my close kin and to enjoy a proper Stygian meal.  And, as you know, I would like to discuss the condition and placement of the Sanctum.  Sincerely, Ishmael of Khemi.”

When the time for the dinner came, Ish-mael wisely directed his personal guard to accompany him and the two then left and met Safiya at the bridge near her quarters.

Upon seeing the two, High Priestess Safiya asked of Ishmael, “Will I be setting two plates for our dinner tonight?”

Upon hearing this question and seeing that Safiya was exceptionally beautiful and seemingly harmless, Ishmael made a fatal mistake and sent his guard away.  For upon completion of the dinner, and when Ish-mael was reclining next to the beautiful Safiya, her treachery revealed itself and Ishmael was fatally wounded by a poisoned dagger.

And as Ishmael lay dying, Safiya’s guards took him to the altar of Set, and while Ishmael cursed and called on his devotion to Set through Sobek,  Safiya sacrificed his heart on the Sanctum altar.

Thus did Ishmael perish, and his body was properly cremated.

So says I, Sasur-men, archivist at Apepthys. 

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