The Alchemy Shop

When drugged, impulsive, and happy, Theodora can hear the seductive voice of prophecy.  Sometimes the voice allows her to see into the future.  Her vision is a shadowy glimpse to be sure, and it only happens when she is inside those moments of true presence, within the equally transient here and now.

But Theodora’s earthy, superstitious hedonism always sparks to life when she goes to the alchemy shop.  It is not that she needs supplies, although she will buy some incense to clear a spirit of holding on

–she spots just the right resin and remembers that she can use a lump of coal to burn the resin and drive out any unwanted spirits from her little tower.

Theodora sees the shop owner and greets her, “hey”

“Hey Theodora, what are you looking for?” says the shop owner in a tone that begs for a socially misplaced, philosophical reply from Theodora.

“Change, I’m looking for a change” replies Theodora, predictably.

“Then you’ve come the right place Theo, look here”, the shop owner shows Theodora some dark green herbs, “smell this.”

Theodora takes a big whiff and fills her nostrils with the familiar sent of Ganja, “this smells delicious”.

“It is”, replies a grinning clerk.  Theodora doesn’t know her name but it’s Gracey.

Gracey knows Theodora’s name and enjoys seeing her come into the shop.  Gracey knows that it will be easy going with Theodora and that Theodora loves to spend money, and on the silliest things.  Whatever makes Theodora happy, it seems.

“Of course, ‘it is’, I want some Grracey!” And I do know your name!”  Theodora laughs.

“You always forget it when you leave”, replied Gracey.

“You’re right, but no more, I am going to change”, replied Theodora, giggling.

Gracey packs the resin and the ganja into Theodora’s basket, “We’ll see”.

“We’ll see,” says Theodora as she walks out of the shop.20190109_114601 (1)

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