Gathering Gossamer

Sweating from the heat, Theodora pulled herself up onto a rock in order to avoid the clattering-clack and bite of the spiders who wanted to make a meal of her. And when she was safe, she caught her breath and thought, “climbing onto the top is not too difficult, the spiders are slower than I am”.

She then looked down at her bare feet on the sandstone boulder and began to cry, saying out loud: “I am so far from home” … “what will become of Kumar now that I am not there to take care of him?”, “his wet nose.”

Wiping the tears from her eyes she continued: “I am strong. I am the daughter of Sadar Rajni Rajna, I have his strength in me, somewhere, if I can find it”. She then looked at the sword in her hand and said: “my lessons have finally come in handy Father”.

Afterwards, Theodora silently climbed down from the big rock and continued toward giant spider’s nest.20190104125109_1

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