Bombaata the Kushite

**Bombaata, Shaman of Lotus Claw**
For three weeks the shaman waited for the return of his Chief and Chieftess. They had gone north for a Hunt but never returned.  What had happened to them?

The mysterious shaman, Bombaata, did not know but he guessed that they were gone, disappeared somehow *or dead.*

Still, Bombaata didn’t worry about such things for he knows that Jhebbal Sag blesses The Hunt and that soon there would be an omen.

Sure enough, the omen came in a striking display.  It was three buzzards circling over the mesa, and not very far away.  The two must be Khaleme and Shu Hua, but who was the third? Bombaata had no idea at all that there were, in fact, three persons under the circling carrion that day.

“Dead dead birds omen,” said Bombaata to himself as he meticulously cleaned the Shrine and cared for the animals in their small grove, “…there will be a new chief…” 

And since there was no chief when Gonzo and Heidi appeared out of nowhere looking for refuge in the Savanah Grove, Bombaata immediately gave them the Chief’s hut to stay in.


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