QR1549b aka “Rose”

“Rose” Qdroid (QR1549b)

Rose Qrb

589, 236, 256, 459.29 credits

Meaning Behind Name: “Rose” is the nickname that her previous and original owner gave her based on her design designation QR and her metal dark rose-colored plating.

Manufacturer Press ad for the female-presenting model:
From the makers of the RA-7 Protocol Droid, Arakyd Industries presents the QR-b multipurpose battle droid.

<Insert: tabloid shot of a female QR-b in a “sexy” pose holding a broom/sweeping>

The only part of her body not made of super-strong, pure, refined premium cortosis is her precision model hands! Made of a special and highly sensitive combat-ready synth-flesh, QR-b’s hands are designed for service applications using tools ranging from “simple as a household broom” to “complicated as a laser artillery station”. So if you are ready to multiply your force power on the battlefield… and in the home… purchase and deploy the QR-b today!

<Insert: tabloid shot of a QR-b holding a lightsaber in an aggressive pose with glowing red eyes>

And you’ll dominate the battlespace!!

Owner’s Manual Intro:
Welcome to the future! You or your organization has made the wise decision to add an Arakyd Industries’ QR-b multipurpose class 4 droid to your inventory. Designed for use in specialized combat operations, the QR series battle droid is equipped with a highly advanced counter Force-user protocol and can suppress, or even defeat, most Force-sensitive targets on the modern battlefield. And as if that wasn’t enough! Bravo models are equipped with specially designed propriety QR-b battle droid hands! Providing you, the new proud owner and operator, with excellent class 3 functionality in addition to her core system.

QR1549b’s class 3 functions are as follows:
-Servant 3.4
-Protocol 9 Premier©
-Holonet, binary, and sneakernet capable
-3 custom function banks! Program 3 additional class 3 functions or 1 additional class 2 premium industry function**.

Thank you for your business!

History of unit QR1549b:
Log 1: “
Arakyd Industries’ (AI) QR series battle droids were developed for public and private special combat operations. Arakyd’s hostile takeover of Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems gave AI the capacity to commit to the development of a small number of highly advanced droids to be tested out in a variety of special operations applications. The QR-a performed well but lacked the multipurpose functionality provided by the development of the Arakyd Industries’ signature Synth-a-Hand 4.0 technology coupled with state of the art programing, including the award-winning Protocol 9 Premier© system standard. QR1549b’s first assignment was with Captain Nigal Crumly of the Imperial Special Forces Brigade. Until recently she has been wandering around the Imperial Fleet.”

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