Sir Fons, the Skeleton, and the strength of Asgard

When Sunshine arrived at Najima,
Sir Fons did espy a
Skeleton so dark! “Ah!
This frame of decay
With glowing blue sword, a
Thing of the night, Nay!
It will not stand before Day!”
he did say.

Then the Skeleton waved and muttered,
“prepare thy body for the fodder
of Yog!” It sounded like “chitter chitter”.
Thus Seeing and hearing; thus feared
of injustice, Sir Fons bravely charged.
And Joining the strength of another
From Asgard and strong as a brother,
they piled up the bones on the paver.

“Thank you good sir, you saved my life!”
said the maiden Sir Fons had joined in the strife.
But the noble Sir Fons, honest and right,
Humbly replied as a Knight,
“It was not I alone, but you and I,
We together shone a bright and martial light!”
Then when greetings were over and things were all right,
They both rode Sunshine, into the night.






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