Tay-Neseret Part 1

These are the chronicles of the men and women bound to Father Set in exile at Apepthys.  I, Sasur-amen, Archivist at Apepthy, pen these words as an eye-witness to the glories of Set and his mighty chosen ones who are living in exile under the banner of The Fangs of Set at Apepthys. 

One such chosen of Set is Tay-Neseret, formerly of Luxur, now of Setnakthe’s mighty Serpent Guard.

One evening as I, Sasur-amen, and Mamusa of Khemi, were reclining in the throne room and discussing subtle and arcane mysteries of Our Mother Derketo, a clamor of horses and wagons was heard traveling from the Unnamed City, passing by Apephys and heading further east.

Upon hearing this, Tay-Neseret emerged from his quarters and shouted down to Mamusa and I saying, “Call out the watch, a mounted party approaches!”

Once Tay-Neseret had said these words he departed our company and set out to discover who or what was driving the horses east.   He then followed the noise, the dust and the tracks until he came upon the Worldly Pleasures Tavern and discovered that the Necromancer had finally had enough of the Tavern and was determined to destroy it with a massive force of walking dead.

Now Tay-Neserat was greatly alarmed by what he saw and said to himself, “This is a grim sight, I must return to Apepthys at once and assemble the Serpent Guard!” And then the mighty warrior Tay-Neseret returned to Apepthys and assembled Mamusa, Theodora the Vendhyan, Setna Apophis, and I, Sasur-amen.

The Serpent Guard, thus assembled, rushed back to the Worldly Pleasures Tavern and gave battle to the minions of the Necromancer, following closely to the orders of the High Priestess Setna Apophis. 

But then a wight of exceptional strength, and with glowing eyes full of corruption, spotted and rounded on mighty Tay-Neseret! The foul creature spun and ran in quick motion and circles around Tay-Neseret until at last it enjoined him in battle. 

Now the wight was a glowing and fearsome blue, and it said, “prepare thy body to be consumed by the fires of Xaltutan!” Saying nothing, Lord Tay-Nesseret fearlessly rounded on the creature and crushed it until it was no more. But alas, despite his victory over the blue wight, Lord Tay-Neseret was wounded in the following chaos of battle.

And when the warmakers were finally put down, the entire company of those who stood against the Necromancer there retreated from the now ruined tavern and went up to into Lord Faust’s keep to seek refuge– and for the priests to offer their ministrations to the wounded.

The Necromancer in his fury then sent giant bats, and one of exceptional size and strength, into the keep, and for the purpose of grabbing Lord Tay-Neseret, and any others they could get in their dark talons for the purpose of carrying them off.

Bat and talons, leathery winds and shimmering eyes– the bats landed again and again as the company of heroes, not mentioned here but valiant, gave battle to the foul bats and kept them from the wounded.

Thus the cries of the bats were silenced as Lord Tay-Neseret regained his strength when Father Set provided this respite against the terrible future that was to come for him.

So says I, Sasur-amen, Archivist at Apepthys.

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