Pan heads West

And so, the deed having been done… and done again, Pan packed his things and snuck away into the night… he was leaving the tavern for now, maybe forever.

“I mean, maybe it was my fault?”, thought Pan, letting his emotions cover him for a moment.

Pan then cried in a silence of his own making.

“It was a lot my fault,” he continued in his thoughts, sometimes barely holding back tears and at other times letting them flow, “I will miss her, and everyone, but I need to go, I have to go…”

Pan crept on through the night past the aqueduct, he thought he might head West and camp somewhere near the pyramid that Natsuki and he had seen on one of their many adventures.  Perhaps ironically, the pyramid was a comforting sight to Pan.

But Pan didn’t really have a plan, he just knew that it was time to go– it was a time for him to become stronger on his own, a time for him to be brave, and a time for him to morn.  None of these things he felt he would be able to do at the Worldly Pleasures Tavern.

He did plan on going back to the tavern one day!, i.e. if Faust lets him and, “if the Necromancer doesn’t turn everyone into skeletons!”, thought Pan, “who’d want to go back then anyway?”.  /me giggles

And then Pan, being Pan, began to tear up thinking, “how awful to think about my family being harmed…”, and then just as quickly, he remembered Muirne and Faust, “they will keep us safe!”.

/me smiles brightly and nods confidently 20191027104555_1.jpg


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