Theodora House –> East of Drifter’s Rest

Now Theodora has had enough talk about “special privileges”.

And she has had enough of watching a truly “privileged” tiny minority of people get whatever they want and be protected by the Emperor with godlike efficiency.   And she has had enough of the insolence of the city officials who mockingly treat her with contempt.  And she has had enough of the long walks and the tedious cocktail parties in Omar’s tavern.  And she has had enough of the pedantic, preachy Stygians who lay around all day and then point their randy fingers at the one woman in the town who has to work for a living.

“I will move away and start a new adventure, I am strong enough now,” thinks Theodora after pondering these complaints of hers for a while.  And realizing that she is unhappy in Drifter’s Rest, she begins to prepare to move away for good.

“Business is business, and if I can’t grow my business and live as a unique and valued member of the community, then why should I live here? It isn’t fun and I don’t have to”, thought Theodora.

Later that day the “polite” citizens of Drifter’s Rest could observe that the caravans Theodora had previously purchased for use on her trade route where now being used to pack up Theodora’s whole estate.

And after a few days, her belongings will be taken East to the distant shore, where Theodora plans on starting a new life, on her own terms.  (To Be Continued)20190220194728_1

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