The epiphany of Raynor the Feral

Having Discovered the Hall of one of his countrymen, Raynor the Feral said to himself:

“It is a fine hall indeed! …for making merry after the plundering of wealth, women and ale… and of bashing the skulls of southern vermin with my oaken cudgel… how I long to feel the crack of skulls again….”

Raynor remembered with fondness the lining up and laying down of the children of one particular southern village.

How in the course of a raid a southerner had dared to mortally wound one of the kin. Enraged by this, Raynor earned his namesake.

The little ones were laid down, head beside the head of another, and then Raynor laid down his cudgel 30 times as the village burned to the ground.

The women were taken, but were later executed as well.


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