The Festival of Set

220px-SetI am Sasur-amen, Archivist at Apepthys, and it is I who remembers and records the great exploits of those who call themselves The Fangs of Set.

When I beheld the glorious Black Pyramid, completed after many days, and after many cracks of my whip, I could not help but cry tears of joy as I remembered what I had written before it’s completion on this barren desert plain in the west:

To whomever might read this, I write it and hope that one day I will be able to send it past the ghost wall.  I am Sasur-amen, Chronicler and Archivist at Apepthys, now the only one of my fallen Order…

…And so now I, Sasur-amen hold the whip to drive these faithful slaves to construct the Library of Sobek as the foundation of Pharaoh’s glory at Apepthys.

Within the Library the many cultures and nations are invited to behold the marvel that is Stygian culture!  And also to read scrolls and books, bathe, and or be comforted by one of those devoted to our mother Derketo. These things and many more luxuries will the Pharoah of Apepthys stoop to bless upon not only his subjects but upon the whole of the exiled lands!

Thereby the Prince shows his divine wisdom and merciful kindness!

So says I, Sasur-amen, Archivist at Apepthys

And so I wrote it.  And now it has come to pass that Apepthys stands as a glorious display of the marvel that is Stygian culture– and as it reaches into the sky it further calls for us to grasp and tremble before the might of Father Set. 

How wonderful now that the Festival of Set will be held at Apepthys!

Prince Setnakhte has decreed it as lawful to invite all of the exiles to come and enjoin his graces on that day.

Come then! all you who revel, stop your toils for a moment and enjoy a comfortable, splendorous display!

So says I, Sasur-amen, Archivist at Apepthys

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