I am Sasur-amen, A Letter in a dungeon

A Letter with a handwritten date:

To: All the faithful who remember the Pharaoh as “Set in the moment of his power!”

From: Call me Sasur-amen. Long have I been writing down the exploits of the Warrior-Priests who gather under the banner of the Sacred Crocodile. These were great Stygian souls who defend both Faith and Pharaoh and did manifest the deific power of the Great Pharaohs of Stygia.

Naturally, the accusations against the Order can be nothing but false, given our great and abiding love for the Stygian religion.

But curse my circumstances now!!

For I do not know what will become of me… or the Order… or of what mysterious plans the Great Serpent has?

And curse my circumstances!– because I find myself condemned, and here in this dungeon beside many of the persons of Ish-mael’s company.

And so reader, I, Sasur-amen, a condemned man, soon to be exiled, leave this note behind to document the secret that my confession before the Crown (Set save me!) was false.

……I suppose this is my honor to die for such a noble cause. But I do not wish to meet my final end!– there are still many stories to tell, and wonders to archive!

Nevertheless, my will to live aside, my fate, and my faith are in the coils of the Great Serpent of the Ocean, who guides even the darkest of ships on their journeys.

BUT if I, Sasur-amen, do live, know that there will be tales of wonder written down; there will be tales of those who survive exile, and of those who live, breath, eat and make love under the eyes of the gods.

Farewell, my country,

Signed Sasur-amen of Khemi

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