Raynor Climbs Down

Raynor sat down on top of a sandstone mountain and took out his pipe.

As the smoke billowed around his head, he thought to himself, “Perhaps I will stay here, alone for a while, on this mountain, where I have a lovely view of things”.

“When I am on the ground the view does not satisfy me as much,” continued Raynor, deep in thought.

Raynor then stood up and walked back and back and forth, on the top of the bluff, smoking, thinking and smoking.  Finally, he sighed and started climbing down.

And as he began climbing down off the mountain to the ground he said to himself,  “There is no sense in my hiding away for long, Queen Adlfhda will require my assistance soon enough.”

When Raynor got the ground he began the long jog back to Virding Hall, without a word or thought.


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