Theodora’s House

It was in the middle of dusk when Theodora drank down the yellow lotus potion. And just a few moments later she could feel her third eye begin to open, and the drug taking hold of her senses, making her more irrational and impulsive, that space wherein she believes she can see into the future…

It was shortly after that a man appeared on Theodora’s unfinished doorstep.

So Theodora, being superstitious, took the man’s appearance, at just this moment, as an omen of good fortune, for her benefit. Turning to the man she said: “greetings stranger, you wish to know your future”.

When the man didn’t reply fast enough for Theodora, she continued… with her eyes closed, and in her drugged, dreamlike state said “do not fall into my trap, you can stay a while with me” The man, calm, nonplussed, steady, replied “By Ymir, I suppose I could help you build this “hall”, replied Herger.

Somehow Theodora had learned the man’s name and she was happy to have a friend, and curious about why Asura would bring a Nordhiemer to stay with her, and build her house.

Later, while Herger was working, and Theodora was fretting in the mirror, Theodora asked herself, “why does he want to build just the “hall”, I hope he builds the whole house for me… with me, I am going to help him, he is so lovely to stop by and visit me. What can his visit mean for me??”.

After a while Herger, sweaty and tired, came back to camp to rest…

but Theodora had left camp and gone to the market. She wanted to buy some incense to burn for her gods. But when the shop keeper wouldn’t give her the incense, Theodora began to shout and say: “Give me the incense on credit and Herger will pay for it!”

Herger, being kind, ran to the market to see what was the matter. That’s when Theodora turned to Herger and said, “Herger, they won’t give me the incense and you know I need it! Buy it for me Herger!”

“By Ymir’s orange beard!” said Herger, as he slung Theodora over his back and walked back to camp.

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