Plug in, Plug out, Power down

This morning I plugged myself back into the online community that I have been hanging out with for the last 5 months. The break I took from being connected was overdue, but I didn’t know that until last night when I noted that the day had been productive.

During my second unplug (3/22/2019) I started to realize that I was feeling happier “offline” and free of Discord.   With this in mind, I stayed with the “community” for a few more days and than left.   I won’t be going back. 

There is a logical series of events that led me to go on “my own path” but I will spare you the details of my drama-filled internal world (for now 😉 ).  Suffice it to say that I stopped having fun over the last few days and then I left. 

I feel sad about leaving because I desire real connection online and for a minute Ruins of the Storm was looking like my community–  I even started to refer to the group as “my community”.

But it’s not “my” community even if it is “community”.  

(to be continued)



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