Conan Exiles, Adieu

My wife got on my case the other day because she feels my blog (this blog) doesn’t contain enough details– she feels I should better explain terms like “crazy”.

She’s right.  I should follow her advice and I should explain things better so that people will naturally understand and accept . Except that I have some experience with social groups and, therefore, do not believe that there is value for me in having a blog that is clearer for you.

# So this blog is for me to organize my thoughts and process my feelings.

Delighted as I am when you read it, I also have to be okay with only me reading it.

And I will be.

## So this is a boilerplate season-ending, where the Texan digitally rides away.

It’s not interesting or exceptional, and it’s definitely not fun.

But the show goes on, even though this season is over.

### The sign ahead reads:   “Chronicles of Elyria —>”



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