Role Playing Games Part 1

Yeah I’m crazy. My life experience has changed the chemistry of my brain like no drug ever could have.

I’ve always been like I am now: crazy. Despite it I’ve been successful. Not nearly as “successful” as some, and certainly not as “successful” as I want to be, but good enough.

I fake it in public life as much as I can, at different times, and remain fully committed to doing amazing stuff during my life.

But the best stuff I’ve done is that I love. and have a beautiful wife, a person I would not live without, and who seems to love me. I have two lovely daughters and a son-in-law who seems okay. I have a best friend named Adam, whom I adore. I have a cat named Smokey who is the best friend. I own some land, some cars, a house, an interesting side business– every good thing a man could ask for, expect sanity.

But it wasn’t sanity that got me any of the things that I consider “best”. Nope, I’ve gotten these best things by always sticking to the plan, and doing the things I needed to do: i.e. college, clinical supervision (and therapy) (lots of therapy), teaching, professional development, high-quality direct services… and activism (“Public Sociology“).

It’s not hard work but I work hard at it.

And also I fake it. I faked it, and sorta “made it”, and after 10 years as a public intellectual, I made it to my dream job.

It was in beautiful Tacoma, Washington State, at Tacoma Community College (TCC) as their new Director of Advising Services– I had beat the competition by leveraging my extensive higher education resume, developing C-Suite references, and hiring a head hunter. I was well on my way to becoming a community college president, which was my next life goal.

Then BAM!! Out of nowhere, while I am selling my house in Texas…

…After three weeks on the job! the Vice President decided to non-renew the Dean who hired me.

I.E. the Dean who knew my departments and had the strong relationships was fired; the Dean who was good at the details and and “taking care of staff” was fired; the Dean who knew what the fuck she was doing when she hired me was fired. WTF! was I going to do now??

Like any manager, I knew what I had to do. I had to do an Army “about face!” and start meeting my new boss’s expectations if I ever wanted a job as a Community College President.

(to be continued)


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